History of the Ministry

Healing the Kingdom, was birthed in 2012 out of One For All Ministries(OFAM)into another demension of God’s service for His people. Always a delivernace and educational ministry since the birth of OFAM in 2000, Healing the Kingdom Ministies sought to broaden it's stand in the ministries of kingdom and education to the Body of Christ.  On this journey, HTK(OFAM) has served with multitude Churches, Ministries and Clergy in the pursuit of building upon the solid foundation in Christ Jesus where all can find deliverance, salvation, healing and refuge. We believe that we are one "Church" (universal)and that the gifts are for the entire Body of Christ.  We have no problem lending a helping hand in support whenever needed and as the Lord leads. We are most recognized for the love, teaching and unity we exibit in and outside of our services.  We believe as Christ loved us we should love others.  ​