"Welcome to the Kingdom Equipping Center"

Perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12).

The Kingdom Equipping Center (KEC) is the teaching and Equipping part of Healing the Kingdom Ministries and the United Body of Christ Church Fellowship.

Our mission for KEC is to educate using the Word of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to rightly divide God's Word in Spirit and in truth. Our focus is on the healing, transformation, salvation and restoration of the human mind soul and spirit.

There is a biblical base to all things in life and we will use that biblical foundation for all teachings. Our teachers are fully equipped to bring a simplistic word of truth that liberates the mind, soul and spirit.

We train Ministers/Clergy, Disciples of Christ and Gifts for Kingdom Ministry, so that they fulfill their call to the service of God.  We do not deviate from Word of God given in the Holy Bible. If God said it, that settles it. 

Most of our classes are  lengthy and take sincere dedication in order to receive the full benefit of the class. Everyone is invited to attend our teachings even if it is just to learn more about God.

Regular Classes include:

1. Biblical Studies - Bringing the Bible Alive

2. Demonology, Deliverance and Warfare

3. Dine

4. Discipleship Training Programs: Masterlife and Prayerlife

5. Minister-In- Training Program (Ascension Gifts)

6. The Kingdom of God/Kingdom Studies

7. Transformational C'integration

8. Establishing Right Government (For Ministers with a Ascension Gifts)

9. Topics (Other topis to be announced) 

These are the subjects we teach on a regular basis. Most of them are at least 4 to 12 months with the exception of the Minister-In Training program which is dependent on your knowledge and experience of the Word of God, the operational growth of your gifts and the gifts for which you are training. Most of these classes are taught on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. 

Because of the length of most of these classes, they may only be taught once a year. Certain classes may allow you to enroll at anytime to receive the current information being taught. Classes begin the first week of September (date will be announced) and end the last week of March. Breaks for all classes will be December 20th - January 4th . There will be no classes on the fifth Saturdays or Fridays of the month and no classes on any Fridays in February. In the event of an emergency such as weather conditions that results in class cancelations, classes will be made up by extending class days at the end of the regular closing days.

Topic classes will be held on Thursday evenings unless otherwise stated. Topic classes are specific messages to the "Body of Christ" for a specific time. You will be able to find these classes on the website.

For more information on all classes view the Kingdom Equipping Center class schedule.