"Freedom's Path Prison Ministry is the part of Healing the Kingdom Ministries that serves people who are incarcerated and who re-enter society after incarceration. This ministry operates primarily in the services of spiritual teaching and counseling, although we may offer other services based on the needs of the clients. This ministry has been in operation since 2003, beginning as a correspondence ministry and then emerging into a teaching and counseling ministry to the prison community.

1. Teaching

Within the prison ministry our teaching is focused on Bible Centered Studies, Discipleship Programs and the Minister-In-Training Program. These programs are available to those who are inside the prison system and those who re-enter society and choose to continue in the program within the first two years after their release. The prison community who  participates in our study programs are allowed a forty-five minute clergy visit upon their request or upon the request of the instructor.

2. Re-Entry

Re-Entry services are based on what the offender needs in the areas of medical support, clothing, cosmetics, I.D. or food. Services are based on the availability of the ministry resources and donations. People who are returning to society and were participating in our program at the time of their release will be given the first opportunities to partake of these re-entry services. Others services include counseling, support groups and transitional living which are available to all returning citizen.

3. Spiritual Counseling

The counseling ministry supports and mentors women and men who re-enter society and need spiritual support to assist with the re-entry process. Some counseling or support may be by referral to other organizations depending upon the need.

4. Behind Closed Doors (BCD)

This part of the prison ministry is to the prison community (inside) who request visits from clergy. This ministry is open to all that are accessible within the suggested radiance of our ministry. These visits are 30 minutes at the request of the inmate or community staff member who may see a need for counseling.

5. Transitional Living

Transitional Living (TL) is open to anyone who is returning to society from prison needing a structured environment for living during the  period of transitioning from incarceration to society.  A meeting and assessment will be done with each individual to determine if they are a candidate for placement in this program. A denial does not mean the person cannot try at a later date. The TL ministry will do an orientation at different facilities so that inmates can become aware of possible options within this program.

This is a bed to bed program. We will pick up the client and bring them to the transitional facility assigned to them. We do not accept walk-ins to this facility.

6. Twelve - Step Program

We offer the 12 - step program to the prison community. With the 12 steps we use the NA-AA steps from the perspective they were written. In other words we will use God to bring healing and deliverance through the program of the steps to those who are challenged by substance abuse.

There will be lessons mostly each week surrounding each step. Meetings will last from 1.5 and extend approximately 16 weeks excluding the orientation.

We will bring in (mostly) peer speakers made up of clergy, missionaries and other professional that can reach the people with their knowledge and experience of "How it Works."